iHela API v2 Document

The iHela API version 2 offers integrations for Banking services, Merchant services and other services that iHela opens to his partners.
iHela Ryanje, platform for digital payments
Welcome to the iHela API documentation.
As a switable choice for payments integrations in Burundi, iHela gives many options for integrations with applications or web sites. You can integrate directly our APIs or contact us [email protected] to ask for further partnership.
Our APIs contains a number of services that can be integrated in customers application according to the need. We have Banking services, Merchant services, Agent services, ...

Merchant services

Merchant services help businesses to build their applications on top of iHela Ryanje as a payment platform.
Please find merchant services details Here.

Banking services

Banking services help partners (financial partners) to link their customers account to iHela customers accounts to allow operations such as deposits, withdrawals and transfers.
Please find banking services details Here.
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